Special Feature Productions

The Process...

Upon contacting Special Feature Productions via email or phone, a meeting will be scheduled where the project will be discussed in more detail as will pricing..

Please have ready:

1) The general idea, purpose, and the style of audience you would like to reach out to.

2) Any slogans and certain aspects you want captured.

3) Music

*Due to legal issues SFP cannot use any copyrighted music from recording artists. SFP does however have a library of royalty free music and even records original music..

4) Alloted amount of time we have to produce your video.

After filming is completed SFP will edit your video. Upon completion (times vary depending on length and content) your video will be given to you either as a DVD for personal viewing or as a CD-R for buisness relations..

*Your DVD/CD-R will have a printed label and a jewelcase/CD case insert. Basic labels are free! Photographs, lightscribing, and/or detailed labels will cost extra.. DVD burning is limited to 3, additional DVDs will cost extra..